Speakers and Participants

Fields of interests
Colvin, John Greenwich University,UK johncolvin@btopenworld.com Whitefly-begomovirus-plant interactions; systematics
Czosnek, Henryk Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel czosnek@agri.huji.ac.il Whitefly-begomovirus interactions
De Barro, Paul CSIRO Entomology, Australia Paul.DeBarro@csiro.au Systematics; Invasion biology
Denholm, Ian Rothamsted Research, UK ian.denholm@bbsrc.ac.uk Insecticide resistance
Edwards, Owain CSIRO Entomology, Australia Owain.Edwards@csiro.au Genome mapping and epigenetic regulation of biological traits
Fukatsu, Takema Symbiotic Evolution and Biological Functions Research Group, Bioproduction Research Institute, AIST, Japan t-fukatsu@aist.go.jp Insect symbionts
Ghanim, Murad Department of Entomology, Volcano Center, P.O. Box 6, Bet Dagan, 50250, Israel ghanim@agri.gov.il Whitefly-begomovirus interactions
Gorman, Kevin Rothamsted Research, UK kevin.gorman@bbsrc.ac.uk Insecticide resistance
Gray, Stewart Plant pathology, Cornell University, USA smg3@cornell.edu Vector-virus interactions
Omongo, Christopher National Crops Resources Research Institute, Uganda caomongo@naro-ug.org Whitefly-begomovirus interactions
Seal, Sue Greenwich University, UK S.E.Seal@greenwich.ac.uk Begomovirus evolution and Whitefly-begomovirus interactions
Walling, Linda University of California, Riverside, USA linda.walling@ucr.edu Whitefly-plant interactions
Chen, Xue-Xin Zhejiang University, China xxchen@zju.edu.cn Systematics & taxonomy, insect-virus interactions
Liu, Shu-Sheng Zhejiang University, China shshliu@zju.edu.cn Systematics; invasion biology
Luo, Chen Beijing Academy of A&F Sciences, China luochen1010@hotmail.com Insecticide resistance, invasion biology
Qiu, Bao-Li South China Agric. University, China baileyqiu@scau.edu.cn Invasion biology
Ren, Shun-Xiang South China Agric. University, China rensxcn@yahoo.com.cn Invasion biology, biological control
Wan, Fang-Hao Chinese Academy of Agric. Sciences wanfanghao@cjac.org.cn Invasion biology
Wang, Xiao-Wei Zhejiang University, China xwwang@zju.edu.cn Molecular whitefly-virus interactions
Yan, Feng-Ming Henan Agricultural University, China fmyan@pku.edu.cn Taxonomy, whitefly-plant interactions
Ye, Gong-Yin Zhejiang University, China chu@zju.edu.cn Insect reproductive biology
Zhang, You-Jun Chinese Academy of Agric. Sciences zhangyj@mail.caas.net.cn Insecticide resistance, invasion biology
Zhou, Xue-Ping Zhejiang University, China zzhou@zju.edu.cn Begomoviruses, molecular virus-plant interactions

Special publication: Mini-review and research articles from the speakers are going to be organized for a special issue of Agricultural Sciences in China.